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Monday, January 30, 2006

Creative Writing- Childs Poem

I Broke My Tooth

TOday i broke my tooth.
I've never broken any bones before,
But mommy sid its just lookse
and that my big girl teeth are coming in.
I guess they are coming late
Because mommy and daddy already
Said I was a big girl when I turned 5.
Where are they coming in anyways?
Maybe Santa's bringing them.
Last Christmas he gave me Barbie.
This Barbie was neat because you could
Change her make-up with water.

Today my tooth got loose.
I was swinging on the monkey bars and fell.
I landed on my face and my tooth got loose.
When Santa brings me my big girl teeth,
I hope he shines them up to make them white like Devons.

My Tooth is Gone

Today Cassie and I were Fighting
For the pink crayon.
She elbowed me and my tooth.
Now its really broken, I mean loose.
Mommy says its groos to look at
But its prety neat when I can wiggle it around.
Santa should hurry up and get here
With my big girl toth cuz i'm starting to hurt.

Cassie has a pointy elbow.
I dont think she can ever hurt it
Cuz one time she hit it on the
Desk and started laughing really hard.
She told me she hit her funny bone,
And thats why she was laughing.
I think she named her elbow her funny bone,
Cuz its so pointy looking.

When I got home,
My big brother Devon told me its time
to take my tooth out.
He came in my toom with a string
And told me o open wide.
He said he was going to
tie the string to my baby tooth.
And it will make me feel better .
I told him i wanted to wait till Santa got here
Cuz he would make me feel better, with some hot cocoa.
Devon laughed at me and called
me a weirdo.
I called him a freako.
He tied my tooth real right
It felt like a band-aid,
But it didnt feel any better, like he said it would.
He walked over to my door
And was telling me about this fairy and how she was
going to visit me tonight.
What fairy? You mean Santa?
HE said i would get money for my toothe.
He is such a weirdo.

He slammed the doore really fast.
It hurt so bad my mouth tasted salty.
There was red blood everywhere
And i started to cry till I couldn't breath
And my throat wouldnt let me open it.
My tooth is gone.
Devon is so mean!
Santa is going to be so mad at him!
He washed my mouth out
And i kinda felt beter.
He told me if I put my tooth
under my pillow tonight,
I would get money in the morning.

I asked mommy if he was right,
and she said yes.
She said I might have one dollar siiting
under my pillow in the morning
If I am a good girl.

The Toothfairy

After I took my bath
I got my P.J's on.
I put my tooth under my pillow and thought about
what she looked like
The TOothefairy.
I decided i shouldnt sleep on my pillow
so she has some air,
So I slept on the floor instead.
When mommy came to tuck me in,
she told me I was a silly goose
And that I could sleep on my bed.
And that the toothfairy will be fine.
She's Magical!
I've never heard of this fairy,
And I really wanted to see Santa .
Mommy said I would have to wait
Till Christmas.
I wen tto bed and i couldnt go to sleep.


  • At 8:44 PM, Blogger chloe said…

    cute nicole...did devon really tie your tooth to the door? i don't think so - sounds like a tv show. but that's the art of poetry. my brother threatened to do that once. ah life. i like it. muchos props dollface.


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