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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Generation

My generation, is the dawn of new
technology, micro-chips the size of
your palm that can play 1500 songs.
Phones and Mp3's, cars,
and TV's are getting smaller, thinner,
and more expensive by the day.
Technology is one thing,
but fashion is another. My generation
is a combination of all the past
generations put together. Styles come
and go, but flared and faded
jeans will never leave. This clothing
style is worn by todays teenagers

who have grown up as a team.
When i say team i mean,
we know how to work together.
The teenagers have grown up with
soccer moms, football practice,

teacher-parent meetings.
We are the generation known
as "team work" As our parents grew
up as independant and

free thinkers, we grew up as team
work and following the crowd.
Teenagers whos styles evolve, together.
Summer time mini skirts and shorts.
Teenage boys who will never be
too old for skate boarding,teenage girls
who will never be to old for pink.
Orange is not the new pink. My generation
is filled with teenagers who, will
never see a true hippie
like our parents were. And teenagers who
try to be hippies but will never understand
"peace, love, and happiness".
Teenagers who are just a reflection
of old generations and
technology is our

only window to the future.


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