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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Short Story

Today. Today was the day that I would take the hardest test of my life. That week at least. Driving up to the DMV with my mother, I was driving through the course in my head. Every turn, every lane change, every everything. We turned into the parking lot of the DMV. "I'm nervous." I said to my mother. She calmly smiled and told me I would do fine. She handed me the keys as I anxiously stepped out of my future car. I looked back at it as my stomach stared to tremble with nervous butterflys. As soon as we walked through the DMV double doors everybody who was waiting for there number to be called stared. They stared at me like they had never seen somebody as anxious as I was. I walked up to the counter with my mom as the grumpy looking woman handed me some papers to sign. I skimmed the small print contract, and circled yes or no to all the questions. They asked me things like "Have you gotten arrested in the past 6 months?" No. "Have you ever gotten a DUI ticket in the past 6 months?" No. Of course not, I dont even have my liscence...yet. The pen was over-used and dry out of ink and the woman was staring at me with annoyance with her fake aqua eyes as I was taking my time not to make any mistakes. When I finished, she told me and my mother to go sit in the pink chairs across the room to wait for my appointment. The were clearly red. Maybe her color contacts affected her color sight.

As I waited patiently, I observed the people around me. They looked as if they had been sitting there for years. The women next to me had a stench. Kind of like Chinese Food, it made me loose my appetite. The man across from me kept picking at his beard, as if he had lice or something. He was elderly and hairy. His arms we hairy and his ears were hairy. These people disgust me. Then i thought to myself, if I pass this test, I will never have to return to this hell hole ever again. The woman walked over to me and asked for my paper work. She seemed nice, but really tired. She told me to get in the car and roll down the window and she would be out in a minute to check my lights and such. I said okay in a calm tone and walked out the door to my beautiful car. I waited there for what seemed to be 3 hours, but in reality, 3 minutes. I was just telling myspef to act natural and everything will be fine, i shouldnt show her that I'm really scared to death. She dragged herself out the door exhaustedly. She screamed for me to blow my horn, turn my lights and blinkers. They all worked perfectly so she opened the door and sat down. She introduced herself. "My name is Tamika." She said in a friendly voice. "Hi! I'm Nicole." I said back. She instructed me to drive on and take a right. My heart was pounding inside me. I could feel the sweat on my palms against the steering wheel. Those butterflys were back.

We went around the block, and took a few more turns. My car felt like it was a microwave because it was so hot. My air conditioner was broken. We made small conversation about traffic and naps. She was tired, as i assumed when I met her. I had a bothersome itch on my cheek, but I was scared that if i took my hand off the wheel, she would count off some points. We finished up the test and I pulled up in the parking lot of the DMV. She sighed and told me I needed to work on my parallel parking and such. She told me I did fine on the road as she opened her mouth wide with a yawn. She told me to be safe and that I seemed like a "really cool chick" I sat there in disbeleif that I had actually passed that mad hard test. She stepped out of the car and walked away. Still in awe I immediatly realized what had happened. I ran out of the car while my mother was waiting there on the sidewalk with a camera in her hand. She knew I would pass. She took a a picture with me and my new car, named Isabella. She gave me a hug and congradualeted me. Now, I am free.


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