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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Creative Writing- Fable

Fred the frog was an adventurous fellow. He always explored around his pond and all of the hiding places within it. You could always find him out and about looking around and meeting new frogs, fish, and other pond creatures! He knew just about everyone in his neighborhood.

But one afternoon, Fred was bored of all the same hiding places and people. He wanted to go out of his pond and follow the lily pads down to the stream. His friends told him not too, especially Wonda the owl. She knew something bad was going to happen if he left the pond. Wonda was the smartest owl around, and everyone always went to her for advice, except Fred. He thought he knew everything there is to know about his pond and whats outside of it. He thought he should go check it out for himself.

So off he went hopping the lily pads down to the stream. He was had all the confidence in the world, and he knew that when he got back to his pond all of the other frogs and fish would praise him for his braveness. Hip hop he went, not looking back to see if anyone was going to follow, he was alone.

All alone towards the stream and his pond was out of side. He wanted to talk to someone but nobody was around except for the crickets and the chirping ringing in Fred's ears. He arrived to the stream. The current was faster and stronger then he thought it would be and he didnt want to go to close to it. He had nobody to tell him what to do so he was deciding whether or not he should cross it. The water was rushing by and he could see that there were not even fish swimming around, just stones.

He decided to take a chance, so that the fish and frogs back home would honor him with his bravery. Just as he was about to hippity hop to the nearest stone out to the middle of the stream, Wanda the owl Whood. He quickly turned around with astonishment as he looked up above to see her sitting on the tree. She had been following him the entire time! "I wouldn't do that if I were you Freddy" She said with a cautious voice of wisdom. "I have to so everyone will see how brave I am at home!" he screamed. "Nobody has ever crossed the border of our pond except me Fred, Nobody thought it was a good idea for you to come out here, its very dangerous to cross this stream and you could get hurt" Wanda said with assurence. Fred hung his head as he hopped away.

He Hopped back to the pond with Wanda behind him, and to his suprise all of the frogs and fish praised him and cheered for him and his bravery! They thought that he was so smart for NOT crossing the stream and everyone loved him even more! He and Wanda became the best of friends and they forever explored there pond, together.


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